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Our Stores

Influential, innovative and streamlined design, Bonefly's journey in reinventing a modern approach to dog wearables. Redefining craftsmanship with modern materials, resistant to all weather while not compromising style. Featuring all its own signature designs, designed and engineered from scratch to achieve its branding success. Our stores are designed with complete simplicity, rich pantones against light pallets designed to expose the vibrant designs and keep the focus on the brand.


Products are sophistically created to offer an array of interchanging elements for its customers to experience a rich and personal connection. Offering supreme comfort and superior quality with precision function.


A unique formula of platinum silicone intergraded with precious metals and Swarovski crystals creating the active luxury lifestyle brand with minimalistic detail.


Our Locations

FLORIDA    Aventura Mall - 601 Lincoln Rd 

NEW YORK    Hudson Yards Manhattan

PUERTO RICO    San Juan Mall

BRASIL  Iguatemi JK - Rio Village Mall

MEXICO   Mexico City (5) Locations

COMING IN 2023/24

Fifteen exciting new locations